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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility


BRAND’S® celebrated the final phase of its Hope in a Bottle program, with a house-build in Pathumthani, Thailand. This marked the culmination of a region-wide collection of used BRAND’S® glass bottles as building materials for homes of needy families.  Habitat for Humanity is the beneficiary of this project.


Tertiary students from five countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan took part in the building of the houses, alongside staff from BRAND’S®


“We are pleased that our volunteers have stepped forward gamely to support this project, developed as part of BRAND’S® 175th anniversary. Through this exercise, we are also able to provide students with a meaningful and enriching experience of helping those in need, whilst allowing them to interact with peers from neighbouring countries.” Ms Isabella Tan, Vice President, Regional Marketing, Cerebos Pacific Limited.


Besides providing these used glass bottles to Habitat for Humanity, BRAND’S® will also make a regional cash pledge of US$100,000 which will go toward the house building effort. 

Bringing people together to make a difference

BRAND’S® Hope in a Bottle program began in May 2010 with the collection of used BRAND’S® glass bottles in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan.


“This marks the first time in Asia-Pacific that we are working with a corporation to build houses in this interesting and environmental friendly manner.  Utilising ‘used glass bottles’ as building material for houses is an innovative idea that reduces costs and impact on the environment while providing families with the much needed shelter and security. We hope there will be more such collaborations in future,” said Mr. Jim Yarbrough, Director of Resource Development, Habitat for Humanity Asia Pacific.

Besides reducing building cost, recycling the use of glass bottles helps to mitigate the impact on the environment through reducing the need for cement which emits carbon dioxide.